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A waffoozle is not a waffle.

It's a waffle-iron baked cookie/cupcake topped with oozy glaze,

and a taste unlike anything else! Crispy outside, soft inside.


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Approximate Size:  3 3/4" x 3 3/4"

Why a waffle iron?

Hot cookies on demand, that's why!

Step up to the truck and get a freshly-baked cookie (WAFFOOZLE!) in about 2 minutes.

Can't beat that "fresh from the oven" taste!

Check out our calendar often as we add events.


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A rich, creamy blend of cheesecake and ice cream

Great by itself, but even better sitting on a hot waffoozle   covered in your favorite drizzle or topping.


A hot cookie needs an ice cream that can stand up to it--none of that "ice cream soup". Throw in a little cheesecake mix and voilà:

Need some Waffoozles fun at your event?

Contact us for information on:

  • Catering

  • Fundraising

  • Wedding

  • Corporate Party

  • Neighborhood Gathering

  • Back-to-School Night

  • Church Social

  • Birthday Party

  • Anywhere sweet treats are!

Want to send a Waffoozles gift basket?

We create custom gifts for all occasions.

Send us your special request and we will "waffoozle" a sweet surprise.

  • Birthday

  • Valentine's Day

  • Mother's/Father's Day

  • Anniversary

  • National Cookie Day

  • Thanksgiving/Christmas

  • Just Because!

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Need a Waffoozles fix and can't make it to the truck?
We deliver within the KC Metro and ship nationwide.

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Customer Reviews

Waffoozles are a household favorite! There isn't a flavor we haven't liked. Absolutely delicious! Makes for a great sweet treat at any time of the day!


I wanted to send a note to you, telling you what a great experience I had with your waffoozles.  I am very gluten intolerant, and I’ve always had difficulty finding a treat and I can actually even eat that isn’t ice cream. Your product hands-down, was one of the best gluten-free treats I have ever tasted in my life. My kids loved your other products as they aren’t gluten intolerant, but your gluten-free chocolate chip and cinnamon tasted so good that it actually was their favorite too.  I definitely will be back for more and telling everyone about it. Thank you for making such an amazing product. 


If you enjoy unique sweet treats, you have to try this addictive new twist on a cookie. The flavor combinations are out of this world! A warm waffoozle and some cheme is dessert perfection! *chef's kiss* My whole family devours these as soon as the bag gets opened.


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