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Thank you for visiting our site and learning a bit more about us!

Brett and Mallory Smith are the owners of BABI BAKERI LLC (BABY BAKERY), the parent company of WAFFOOZLES. Brett is the lead taste-tester of Mallory's creations and team cheerleader, AND he can ice a cake, too! Mallory has been baking and decorating for many years, but wanted to head down a different path in 2018 and create something unique. 


After baking a batch of cookies, Mallory realized there is nothing better than a "fresh-from-the-oven" cookie: warm, moist, gooey goodness--YUM! Mallory thought, "Can this be recreated over and over quickly?" After many failed attempts with batter and various equipment, Mallory created a special batter that worked in a waffle iron--a freshly-baked cookie in about a minute and a half. Top it with glaze and OH, WHAT SWEET SUCCESS! Finding a name proved challenging, but "oozy waffle cookie" described these warm cookies and WAFFOOZLES was born. Waffoozles now needed to be a la mode, but traditional ice cream caused "ice cream soup" on the hot cookie. Mallory developed Cheme, a rich, creamy cheesecake blend that holds up on a hot waffoozle and tastes mighty yummy between two waffoozles (Mooffoozles)!


Today, the Waffoozles flavor line has expanded to over 20 flavors, including cakes, and we continue to try new flavors. We use only the best ingredients in our special batter and take pride in the reaction we get on that first bite. There truly is nothing else like a waffoozle! WAFFOOZLE-ICIOUSNESS!


Waffoozles have been shipped to over 15 states and the number continues to grow. During the pandemic, over 150 dozen waffoozles were donated to healthcare workers and first responders. Realizing a mobile venue would be more beneficial, Brett and Mallory decided to take Waffoozles on the road in 2021, built out a food truck and added "COOKIES AND CUPCAKES IN DISGUISE" as a tagline.

Brett and Mallory's youngest daughter loves babies, so they found a way to give back to their local community through BABI BAKERI LLC -- a portion of every sale is used to purchase infant books and toys for the local children's hospital, hopefully, making the stay a little bit brighter. The unusual spelling pays tribute to each of their kids--the girls' names all end in "i" and their son has an "i" in his name as well (a "fluke" not realized until creating a name!). Many items have been donated over the years and they look forward to continuing putting smiles on those babies' faces. 

Be sure to fill out the mailing list form and also follow WAFFOOZLES on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Thanks again for checking us out and becoming a "Waffoozler"!

Why a waffle iron?

Hot cookies on demand, that's why!

Step up to the truck and get a freshly-baked cookie (WAFFOOZLE!) in about 2 minutes.

Can't beat that "fresh from the oven" taste!

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